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Greet each new season with a glow that welcomes family and friends.

Welcome the Season: Decorating and Celebrating with Fragrance

Christmases Past, Present and Future

A fellow fragrance enthusiast once told me, “When you light a Yankee Candle, it’s like your home is giving you a warm, welcoming hug.” This season, experience a fragrant home “hug” filled with the scent of your favorite holiday moments.

Sparkling Cinnamon spice, lush Christmas Wreath, inviting Red Apple Wreath, and cozy Celebrate Christmas … so many holiday fragrance traditions come from the true heart of the season: your home, and the love that fills it. Make sure every room is ready to give you and yours a happy holiday hug.

Yankee Candles

Three Fun Ways to Fill Your Home with Holiday Memories

Relive Christmases Past with scents connected to traditions near to your heart. Brisk Balsam & Cedar may call to mind choosing a just-right tree and bringing it home. Or of burrowing under the tree Christmas morning in search of gifts bearing your name.

Add to the Joy of Christmas Present. Is this afternoon’s plan to tackle holiday baking recipes with your kids? The scent of Christmas Cookie will put you in the mood even before the baking pans come out of the cupboard.

Create Fond Memories for Christmases Future. Fragrance is a powerful memory trigger. Try our deliciously scented Snowflake Cookie, Merry Marshmallow or Peppermint Bark and they might help recall good times for years to come.

Doreen Smith has been creating Yankee Candle fragrance concepts for 25 years. As Vice President of Fragrance, Trend & Design Development, she constantly finds creative cues in everyday life, celebrating moments that bring a smile, a fond memory, the unmistakably good feeling of home. She is proud to be part of the team that has brought the world great fragrances like Clean Cotton, MacIntosh, Sun & Sand, Buttercream, and Pink Sands.
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