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 Pure Radiance Scented Candless Pure Radiance Scented Candless

Be the first of your friends to discover the new and innovative line of candles from Yankee Candle®.

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 Introducing Pure RadianceTM contemporary candles. Experience the warm glow from the wide, radiant LumiWick™ and the sleek, contemporary design that combine to create an inviting atmosphere where family and friends feel at home.

  • Pure Radiance candles were designed with your home decorating needs top of mind.
  • Our sleek, contemporary vessel complements many home decorating styles.
  • Candle colors available in neutrals that quietly complement, as well as statement colors that enhance and accessorize.
  • The flat, all cotton LumiWick™ wick provides a wider, more radiant, glowing flame for added ambiance and glow.
  • Our special smooth wax blend gives the candles a decorative, luxurious look and feel.
  • Placed together, a large and medium vase candle create a fragrant vignette on side tables or mantles.
Pure Radiance Scented Candless
 Pure Radiance Scented Candless - Exquisite Fragrances
 Pure Radiance Scented Candless - Exclusive Wick Technology
Pure Radiance Scented Candless

  • Pure Radiance is made using our exclusive LumiWick™ and/or Crackling LumiWick™ technology.
  • The exclusive LumiWick™ provides a consistent high-quality burn throughout the life of the candle. This means you get a clean, consistent burn every time, as with all Yankee Candle® products.
  • Our Crackling LumiWick™ is a combination of our exclusive LumiWick™ and natural wood. This unique and proprietary combination provides the consistent, even burning performance of a wide, cotton wick, with a soft, ambient crackle.
  • Remember, for best results, keep wick trimmed at 1/8" at all times.

Pure Radiance Scented Candless - Exclusive Wick Technology

  • Yankee Candle Pure Radiance is a brand you will be proud to give.
  • You can trust Yankee Candle® quality.
  • Introduce your friends to a new and innovative line of candles from Yankee Candle®.
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