Charming Scents

Give your car scents & charms. New Charming Scents: Add a little bling to your drive. Brushed nickel finish bangle with add-on charms plus a fragrance-filled locket. Refillable locket lets you change fragrances whenever you like.

Three women are leaving their homes, car keys in hand. One house has three teenage girls in sports uniforms running out of the front door; one says “I call shotgun!”

In the drivers seat, a woman takes out a Charming Scents bangle with charms.

Fragrance and Charms to personalize your ride

Various shots of people entering their cars. A male couple with a dog enter their car and sniff, frowning at the smell. Close-ups of hands opening Charming Scents lockets and inserting fragrance pods.

Bring a favorite fragrance with you… everywhere

Refillable with lots of scents

The couple with the dog now have a Charming Scents bangle in their car, and they breathe in and smile. A cheerful song about summer plays, and a split screen shows the various drivers singing happily along.

Scents and Charms to personalize your car