How-To ScentPlug™

A stylish way to enjoy your favorite fragrance throughout your home. Shop ScentPlug™ In-Store or Online here: First, choose a ScentPlug™ Base that matches your décor, your mood or your seasonal decorating and match it up with your favorite Yankee Candle® ScentPlug™ Refill. ScentPlug™ Bases are designed for use in a standard 120-volt electrical outlet and deliver continuous room-filling fragrance for up to four weeks. ScentPlug™ Refill should always be upright - the base plug can be rotated 90 degrees to accommodate horizontal outlets.

  • “Every outlet is an opportunity to enjoy continuous fragrance in any room—a little, or a lot.”
  • [text overlay:] adjustable fragrance level
  • “Dozens of combinations to match your mood and your style—some with lights.
  • ScentPlug: Fragrance for every room.”
  • [text overlay:] ScentPlug™
  • accent with fragrance