Layering & Mixing Fragrances

Fragrance is the most important factor in the purchase of candles today, with nearly three-fourths of candle buyers rating it as “extremely important" or "very important" in their purchasing decision. At Yankee Candle, we have addressed the importance of fragrance with what we call the Scentmosphere. Through Scentmosphere we recognize the way a home, a building or a room smells has an immediate and lasting impact on how people perceive that space.
Two exciting ways that we help create Scentmosphere is through Fragrance Layering and for the more adventurous guest, Fragrance Mixology.

Fragrance Layering

In use in the fragrance and cosmetic industry for several years now, Fragrance Layering is all about using multiple forms of fragrance. At Yankee Candle, fragrance layering involves using at least two kinds of products of the same, similar, or complementary scent.

Layering with different candle forms

You can use multiple candle jars to create fragrance layering. Or you can combine candle jars with reed diffusers, wax or oil warmers, or even room sprays. They all can work together as long as you select similar or complementary scents.

Using complementary scents

There are times of the year when your favorite jar candle fragrance may not be available in other home fragrance products. In those cases, simply use complementary fragrances to create a signature fragrance for your home. This allows you to use more than one jar or a complementary reed diffuser, wax or oil warmer, or room spray. It’s all just a matter of personal taste.

Fragrance Mixology

This is the art of combining 2 or more fragrances together to create a new and unique scent. This is different from Fragrance Layering in that the focus is on combining fragrances and not forms. You can fragrance using Samplers votives, Tarts wax melts, Potpourri, or even home fragrance oils to create a new and unique scent.

Using Samplers votives

Fragrance Mixology is easy using Samplers votives and our triple votive holder. Simply place three Samplers into the holder and light. As the candles melt, the fragrances will combine to create a new, exciting fragrance.

Using Tarts wax melts and oils

Place up to one full Tart wax melt into the bowl of the warmer. To combine 2 to 3 fragrances, score the Tart with a knife and carefully break into halves or thirds and place into the warmer’s bowl. As the wax melts, your new fragrance will come to life. And, if you even feel more experimental, you can mix several home fragrance oils together for a whole new scent. Just a few drops of this fragrance and maybe a few drop others of another fragrance and you have a custom fragrance that you have designed. The possibilities are endless.