Yankee Candle Quality

The benchmark for quality

Whether it's the juicy, just-picked scent of Macintosh, the fresh air and sunshine scent of Clean Cotton, or one of our other many authentic fragrances, nothing compares to the true scent of a Yankee Candle. Yankee Candle® is the benchmark for quality in the candle world.

Rigorous testing and quality control

Master perfumers develop Yankee Candle® fragrances for optimal performance in our products. All of our fragrances are rigorously screened, reviewed and tested by our highly experienced team of fragrance professionals to achieve the best strength and quality experience in store, as well as in use. This assures that the fragrance strength and quality is the same in the store and wherever you use it.

Authentic, accurate fragrances

With every fragrance we introduce, our reputation is on the line. It is not enough for a Yankee® fragrance to be as good as our competitors' scents. It must be better, because it's what you expect of us ... and what we expect of ourselves. Each fragrance has to possess the realism, accuracy and pleasantness of the true flower, food, fruit, place, or experience that inspired it.

Made in America with only the finest ingredients

Every scented Yankee Candle is made in America with the finest ingredients from around the world, like natural fragrance extracts and natural fiber wicks. Our master candlemakers still observe the same rigid standards of commitment and craftsmanship from our early days of making candles by hand. Today, they produce more than one million jar candles per week at our company headquarters in western Massachusetts.